Innovation and Excellence

Our firm specializes in working with people who have the highest expectations of excellence. We understand that your project is a significant investment. Whether it is your dream home, your home renovation, or your business, we are committed to communication and accountability. 

Squibb Estates is a builder of the highest caliber, combining more than 100+ years of experience with endless innovation to create the project of your dreams. Our Quality Construction certification assures you that we exceed the industry best practices and demand the same from all project partners.

Licensed in both residential and commercial construction, we are able to take on projects of all shapes, sizes, scopes and budgets. We look forward to having the opportunity to build or remodel your custom luxury project.

It has been a pleasure to work with Squibb Estates on several major residential projects. From an architect’s perspective it is important to work with a builder that takes the time to understand the intent of the design and keeps the project on track regarding budget and scheduling. Squibb Estates is exceptional in this regard. Architectural drawings can never answer every question about a construction project. The people at Squibb Estates know the right questions to ask at the right time to produce exceptional results. We are proud to be on the same team as Squibb Estates working towards the same goal: beautiful architecture that serves the needs of our clients.

-Michael Knorr, Architect