Speculative Projects and Investment

Opportunities for equity participation in select Squibb Estates projects are offered to quality individuals and organizations. We focus on creating quality projects, striving to do so with the largest ROI possible for our investors and we achieve this through our consistent management practices. With the assistance of the partnerships that we have spent years cultivating, we are able to perform for our investors. Our proven pro forma returns are available for review.

Understanding that the real estate market can be an extremely volatile one, we rely on our knowledge of the market, rather than “investment trends,” which has proved disastrous for many other firms. As a full-service, Class B licensed contractor, we are able to cooperate on single-family, multi-family and large-scale commercial projects. Our understanding of the building practices and laws, our relationships with large financial institutions and our connections to the top tradespeople in Denver make our firm highly qualified to deliver on-time and on-budget.